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PARFOR progress monitor (progress bar) v3

version (24.4 KB) by Dylan Muir
Progress monitor bar for matlab parfor loops, supports distributed pools


Updated 22 Dec 2017

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This progress bar (progress monitor) is designed to monitor progress during the execution of long parfor loops. It works using a Java-based client/server architecture, which means that it supports distributed worker pools (i.e. doesn't only work on local pools).
Begin by creating a parallel pool.
Then construct a ParforProgMon object:
ppm = ParforProgMon(strWindowTitle, nNumIterations <, nProgressStepSize, nWidth, nHeight>);

'strWindowTitle' is a string containing the title of the progress bar window. 'nNumIterations' is an integer with the total number of iterations in the loop.

Optional arguments:
'nProgressStepSize' specifies to update the progress bar every time this number of steps passes. 'nWidth' and 'nHeight' specify the size of the progress window.

Within the parfor loop:
parfor (nIndex = 1:nNumIterations)

Updates over v2:
The class now automatically handles distributing the required code to the workers.

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Dylan Muir (2021). PARFOR progress monitor (progress bar) v3 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (14)

Jakob Schwenk

Frerk Saxen

Based on this very nice implementation I implemented my own parfor progress monitor that can show the remaining time and progress of each worker ->

Jeyson Ardila

Thank you so much

Paul Shoemaker

This is a very nice submission and I use it regularly.

Is there a way to tell when the bar has been deleted? Sometimes in the middle of an operation, I would like to quick processing a parfor loop if something is wrong. I know I could do this violently with a CTRL+C in the window and then delete ppm, but it would be nice to do this more cleanly.

I'm thinking something like:
parfor idx = 1:10
success = ppm.increment;
if not(success)
continue % Effectively skips all remaining iterations and drops out of PARFOR loop.
% Do stuff
success = ppm.delete;
if not(success)
% Clean up stuff and prepare any outputs

Dylan Muir

@zzzhhh Yes, you should create a ParforProgMon object before a parfor loop, and delete it afterwards


If I have multiple parfors, do I need to create a ParforProgMon object for each parfor?

Phil Earp


Mehmet Seker

great application, it is working very well

Tim West

I have switched up to MATLAB 2017a and everything working fine now - if helpful I can try and track down the error for 2014a?

Thanks for the code!


Dylan Muir

Hi Tim, could you please open an issue at, and provide a bit of detail about what goes wrong when you use ParforProgMon? Are you running a local or remote pool? Thanks, Dylan.


Can't get this working on MATLAB 2014a.

I have implemented as:

if isempty(gcp)
ppm = ParforProgMon('Model Probability Calculation',N);

parfor i = 1:N
## FX ##


Any ideas?


Very easy to use. Good job!


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: PARFOR progress monitor (progress bar) v4

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