MyStruct = getVC7data(davis_fi​le_number)

Facilitates importing data from DaVis to Matlab, feedback appreciated.


Updated 11 Nov 2016

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% NB: GETVC7DATA only works if the folder 'readimxstuff' is in the matlab search path.
% GETVC7DATA Fetches all possible fields in a particular davis file DAVIS_FILE_NUMBER located at
% PATHVC7. If PATHVC7 is not specified, then .vc7 files are assumed to be
% in the current working directory.
% Outputs are in the structure format with slightly shorter names:
% FIELD is the structure format using these e.g. (UX,POSX,gridspacing...)
% FIELDdavis is a structure containing the original DaVis field names,
% but with colons ':' and white space ' ' replaced by '__'
% and '_' respectively.
% e.g.
% [FIELD,FIELDdavis]=getVC7data(2,'C:\Users\Matt\Downloads');
% Note: New field names (e.g. that might result from a new version of DaVis)
% are currently added with the prefix 'UNEXPECTED_FIELD_' followed by the default
% DaVis field name.
% e.g. If a DaVis field existed called: 'TS:Height of clouds'
% Then you will find it under: FIELD.UNEXPECTED_FIELD__TS__Height_of_clouds
% or in the DaVis structure: FIELDdavis.TS__Height_of_clouds

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Matt Molteno (2023). MyStruct = getVC7data(davis_file_number) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: PIV image tool, PIVMat 4.20

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