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Gyroboy - self-balancing two-wheel robot (segway) based on Lego EV3

version (276 KB) by Pavel Roslovets
Model of EV3 segway robot with LQR controller. Could be run on hardware (EV3)


Updated 09 Feb 2017

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Use config.m to change behavior of model and params.m to change it's parameters.
Building instruction:
Description of kinematics and plant model you can find in NXTway-GS project
This robot is a part of YouTube course called 'Gyroboy Matlab Project' (on Russian)

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Frank Wang

thanks for the excellent work.

It will be great if someone can give the the physical definition of variables in the code:


Armin Azim

Works really great and has a very comprehensive video tutorial (although in Russian, it you can follow up quite well with the auto-translate subtitles).

mt nguyen

problem solved. Just create new variant block and copy internal component of old variant block before suppressing them. Probably version compatibility (I am on 2014b)

mt nguyen

hello, can you help. I get following error when compiling:
The name of Inport block 'Ctl' of the variant block 'gyroboy_full2/Plant/EV3' must match one of the names of the corresponding Inport blocks of the Variant Subsystem block 'gyroboy_full2/Plant'.

Plesae, can you provide a model file compatible with the 2016a version (when you save your model, you can choose File-> Export Model to --> Previous Version.

Hi. can u provide the gyroboy_full.slx file for matlab2016a version... thanks!


Added models for old releases (R2014a, R2015a, R2016a)

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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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