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Interactive Quadratic Formula

version (24.5 KB) by Matthew Shoemaker
Interactive program to factor quadratic equations, find the roots, and graph the parabola if needed.


Updated 28 Nov 2016

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This program will solve quadratic equations and graph them if needed. It is designed to prompt you for the coefficients of the quadratic function, use them to solve the quadratic equation to find the roots, real or imaginary, display them for you in factored form, and then give you the option to graph the parabola, start over, or exit.

It will then display the roots in factored form if they are real, rather than a variable printout; and if they are imaginary it will notify you and prompt you for instructions on how to proceed. It will then give you the option to graph the parabola with whatever bounds you specify, and allow you to reset the bounds if needed.
It will continually prompt you for any decisions you may need to make, and the program will run continuously until you command it to close, so you don't need to reload the program each time you want to factor a quadratic polynomial or graph a parabola. It is designed to be user friendly and convenient, especially if you need to analyze parabolas or find roots frequently. Even if you don't do it often, the program is much faster and easier to use than solving the quadratic formula by hand. Plus, it's fun to use and I want to share my hard work!
If there are any improvements I can make, I'd be happy to make them; and if there are any issues with the program, let me know and I'll fix them right away!. I'm just learning how to use Matlab, so any feedback is great!
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the program!

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Updated Description.

Removed unnecessary diagnostic displays.

Updated graphing capability for polynomials with imaginary roots.

Updated Description

Added an option to graph the parabola, with user specified bounds.

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