GUI for Multivariate Image Analysis of Multispectral Images

A GUI for MIA of multispectral image data sets (PCA, Simplisma, MCR, classification).


Updated 29 Nov 2004

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A GUI for MIA of multispectral image data sets (PCA, Simplisma, MCR, classification) and basic processing techniques (threshold, histogram, profile plotting, image filters filters)

Runs under both MATLAB 14 and 13 versions.

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Requires Image Processing Toolbox.
Requires PLS_Toolbox.

Contains following Multivariate routines:
- PCA, Simplisma (pure variable method) and MCR (Multivariate Curve Resolution);
- Three types of image classification (2 unsupervised (K means, Fuzzy C) and 1 supervised (Maximum Likelihood)).

Basic image processing (from IP toolbox):
- cropping, resizing
- Filtering:
- averaging
- contrast enhancement
- morphological (opening, closing, eroding, dilation)
- edge extraction

- histogram equalization (GUI histogram.m)
- threshold (GUI threshold.m)
- profile plotter(GUI profile.m)

Works with most types of image formats:
- JPEG, TIFF, BMP and more (see imread.m for format types)
- RGB images are converted to grayscale
- mat files containing three-dimensional arrays: [m x n x p]
- Works with TEXT files containing image arrays or individual files
- Works with Kratos VAMAS format XPS photoelectron images *.vms

To run, type:

Following GUIs can be used individually. Look in help for the instructions.

I would like to acknowledge following files by other users:

Clustering Toolbox by David Corney

threshold_grayscale_image.m routine by Alister Fong

uigetfiles routine for selecting multiple files by Greg Aloe

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Kateryna Artyushkova (2023). GUI for Multivariate Image Analysis of Multispectral Images (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R14
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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Main routine is fixed for use in Matlab 13 release