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bandbank -- isotropic image spectral decomposition and filtering

version (3.61 KB) by Tristan Ursell
Decompose images into spatially isotropic spectral component images.


Updated 24 Jan 2017

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Tristan Ursell
Bandpass filter bank
Jan 2017

Im1 = input image (single channel)
dF = stepsize in radial frequency space
NF = number of filters applied
NF=1 means no filter
NF=2 means low pass and high pass about dF
NF>2 bandpass filters in steps of dF

Im2 = spectrally decomposed output images from Im1

The optional parameter 'beta' sets the sharpness of the frequency cutoff
between the bands, higher numbers are sharper cutoffs -- smoother cutoffs
reduce ringing, but have mixed fequency regions with other bands. The
default value is beta=0.5.

The decomposed images have the property that 'sum(Im2,3)=Im1' (to a good approximation).

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