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Reconstruction and Spectral Analysis for Optical Coherence Tomography

version (4.77 MB) by Orly Liba
A code for reconstruction and spectral analysis of spectral domain OCT images.


Updated 20 Apr 2017

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MATLAB code for reconstruction and spectral analysis of spectral domain OCT images. This code can be used as part of a platform for molecular imaging with OCT, which we call MOZART.
This code was created to read raw interferograms from Thorlabs OCTs (SW version 4 works best, but version 3 is also supported with a few changes). It reconstructs the raw interferograms into OCT images, and supports both 2D, 3D and speckle variance. In addition to reconstructing the images this code:
Calculates the normalized spcekle variance (useful for detecting blood vessels)
Calculates dispersion compensation
Calculates a map of spectral contras, based on dual-band spectral analysis
Calculates spectral-depth compensation
Creates images that combine the OCT image, spectral analysis and speckle variance.
and more features...
This code was used to create images and analysis for: "Contrast-enhanced optical coherence tomography with picomolar sensitivity for functional in vivo imaging" O Liba, ED SoRelle, D Sen, A de La Zerda - Scientific reports, 2016.
Please cite our paper if you use our code.

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