GUI to close all open figures except those selected

GUI to close all open figures except those selected


Updated 5 Apr 2022

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This program is helpful if you have experiments in Matlab that open on every run many figures. The program displays all open figures in a table. You can select which figures shall be closed or not.
The code is tested with Matlab R2016a and R2020a.
The table contains the figure number/handle and the figure names of all figures. The figures not to be closed shall be marked in the ‘Keep’ check boxes.
The checkbox “Force to keep figs with handle visibility 'off' or 'callback' ” is checked by default. It prevents normally that GUI figures are deleted. Uncheck this, if you want to change their ‘Keep’ status.
You may sort the table if you click on a column header.
A click in a table row activates the corresponding figure and also opens invisible figures.
Click on button 'close figures' closes all not marked figures.
After having new figures, move the mouse into ‘CloseFigures’ in order to refresh the table. All figures, which were previously checked as ‘keep’, are marked again as 'keep'.
If the figure number/handle is displayed as ‘0’ in column 1, the number could not be retrieved.
Hint: Put the ‘CloseFigures’ folder in your Matlab path or insert it as an app, see readme.pdf, second page.
Run ‘Demo_makeFigures.m’ to create many figures.
Run ‘CloseFiguresVx.m’ and delete figures as desired.
The file ‘Demo_makeFigures.m’ is not needed for ‘CloseFigures’ and may be deleted.

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Peter Seibold (2021). GUI to close all open figures except those selected (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved February 26, 2021.

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Created with R2020a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Open figure did not work with R2020a, fixed.


New layout. Refresh table on mouse move.

New release for Matlab R2016 and also older versions.
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