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Multi Class SVM

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Multi class SVM developed by using binary svm classification



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It classify multi Class Instance SVM Click on demo to view code proof ..
this also accept all option as varargin no need about worry
It is work perfect I Classify using following referece
Multiclass SVM
Multiclass SVM aims to assign labels to instances by using support vector machines, where the labels are drawn from a finite set of several elements.
The dominant approach for doing so is to reduce the single multiclass problem into multiple binary classification problems.[17] Common methods for such reduction include:[17][18]

Building binary classifiers which distinguish (i) between one of the labels and the rest (one-versus-all) or (ii) between every pair of classes (one-versus-one). Classification of new instances for the one-versus-all case is done by a winner-takes-all strategy, in which the classifier with the highest output function assigns the class (it is important that the output functions be calibrated to produce comparable scores). For the one-versus-one approach, classification is done by a max-wins voting strategy, in which every classifier assigns the instance to one of the two classes, then the vote for the assigned class is increased by one vote, and finally the class with the most votes determines the instance classification.


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nithya n

if i run the svm.m file. i am getting this error
classdef svm
Error: Illegal use of reserved keyword "classdef". please clarify me

nithya n

I am getting error in svm.train and svm.classify. please help me to solve this problem

Harivinod N

Harivinod N

I downloaded the file and unzip it. After running the Demo.m file, I am getting this error.

Reference to non-existent field 'SupportVectors'.

Error in svm.svmclassify (line 344)
if size(sample,2)~=size(svmStruct.SupportVectors,2)
Error in svm.predict (line 315)
Error in demo (line 15)

Can you please help to solve this problem.?

Honey Gupta

Abbas Manthiri S

Please run after unzip

Try to run the example in svm.m but
[Undefined function or variable 'msvmtrain'.]
Is it need the new version matlab?

Abbas Manthiri S

you need matlab 2014a


Jbhop (view profile)

I try to run Demo.m but
Error in svm.svmclassify (line 344)
non SupportVectors field in svmStruct



name changed


code updated to class type
simple to call

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)
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