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Gauss-Seidel Method, Jacobi Method

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The Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel Iterative Methods



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Jacobi Method:
Jacobi iterative method is an algorithm for determining the solutions of a diagonally dominant system of linear equations. Each diagonal element is solved for, and an approximate value is plugged in. The process is then iterated until it converges.

Gauss–Seidel method:
Gauss–Seidel method, also known as the Liebmann method or the method of successive displacement, is an iterative method used to solve a linear system of equations.

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in jacobi method you need to change x(j) with xold(j) otherwise it's gauss seidel


Bhartendu (view profile)

Code is shared for Learning and practising purpose. Solution given is valid and correct.

It's incorrect. Gauss Siedel and Jacobi give same output


In your example, you compare the 2 differents methods with differents initial guess ? That's doesn't seem relevant ... And if I use the same initial guess, the 2 methods have exactly the same convergence ....

Han Zhang

Muhammad Raza

Modified Gauss-Seidel (G-S) Load Flow in IEEE 6 Bus System (Matlab)

Mais Alsharif


ML_Lab (view profile)

No One

No One (view profile)

Saad Khan

does not work for me wrong solution

Solve the nonlinear ordinary differential equation for the temperature distribution:

Vidhula M.V

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MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)

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