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Simulink Support Package for PARROT Minidrones

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Design, simulate and deploy algorithms to fly PARROT Minidrones



Simulink® Support Package for PARROT® Minidrones lets you build and deploy flight control algorithms on PARROT minidrones. You can deploy algorithms wirelessly over Bluetooth®. The algorithms can access onboard sensors—such as the ultrasonic, accelerometer, gyroscope, and air pressure sensors—as well as the downward facing camera.
Simulink add-on tools provide additional capabilities. Aerospace Blockset™ includes an example that makes use of PARROT minidrones. The example lets you model 6-DOF equations of motion and simulate aircraft behavior under various flight and environmental conditions. Simulink Coder™ lets you record flight data on the minidrone and access the C code generated from Simulink models.

Supported minidrone models are Rolling Spider and Mambo.

Note for Windows 7/10 users on Bluetooth connectivity:

There is a limitation in the supported Bluetooth adapters that can be used. The user may need an extra Bluetooth adapter even if there is a built-in Bluetooth connection on the host computer. The best adapter available is the CSR 4.0, which supports the PAN GN connection required. For this Bluetooth dongle, the user needs to install the CSR-specific driver and not the Windows driver that would be picked by default.

For more information visit:

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Everything worked fine for me after reinstalling my BLE driver from my Bluetooth Dongle's CD. I have installed the driver from the zip file given by Mathworks in the setup steps. Hence, I'm able to deploy the generated code from Simulink to the mini-drone.
Otherwise, I observe something wrong with the mini-drone when the battery is under 50% of it's capacity, the mini-drone turns off and I have to put out and then put in the battery to be able to turn it on again, but after a moment, it turns off again and so on. Not sure what is causing this issue, if I get more information about, I'll leave a comment here. The solution is to fully charge the Battery to avoid this problem.

Dear Ankur,
Okay so here will be update on my progress with Package so far.
Throughout testing I am still using Windows 7 and package version
Firstly I have tried solution.
I know that technically if I am using newest version of the package it should be ok, but I wanted to give it a shot anyways. No success here.
Afterwards I tried solution.
Matlab ftp command threw no errors, so I went with reason 2 of that solution.
I have followed it through, but when I try mput(f,'') command I still get an error. Error I get : .
As suggested I have tried resetting drone to factory settings by holding power button and I have also tried manual removing data from /tmp folder with no success either.
The error I am getting when installing firmware is the same as last time.
So since I cannot get it to work using Windows I have tried Linux. And it worked well, the whole process.
But unfortunately I can't use Matlab with Linux for a prolonged time, because it is very unstable there - it crashes all the time ( but that is a bit unrelated problem).
So with firmware installed I have tested it on Windows again. This time I can't go through Bluetooth capability. I have adapter with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 capability. I have installed the drivers from the location given, however I still get message that Bluetooth support could not be detected.
At the same time I managed to connect to the drones Personal Arena Networking as outlined in the Documentation. But as far as I am aware I still need to complete Hardware setup, which I can't due to the fact that Bluetooth support could not be detected.
Sorry for such long post. Thank you in advance for any help. As I said it works perfectly on Linux so if there is nothing that can be done to fix it, I might try doing that and fixing stability issue of Matlab in Linux instead.
When it comes to contact my matlab ID is jakub530 or my email is

Jeremie Pilon

The issue still happened once in a while. However, bu performing a hard reset (hold power button down for 20-30 seconds) I was finally able to install the firmware correctly on my remaining drones. Thank you for the quick update!

Note to others: you will perhaps need to perform several hard resets before the installation works. But it worked for me with all my drones.

Jeremie Pilon

Ankur Bose

Hi Yanis Bouhraoua,
Can you please let us know the exact error that you are getting while connecting to Bluetooth? It would be good if you can share the snapshot. You can also share your email-id so that I can contact you to resolve the issue you are facing.


Ankur Bose

Hi All,
For those users who have been unable to successfully update the firmware on their Parrot Rolling Spider, we reached out to Parrot Inc and they gave us a workaround.
The workaround has already been published in R2017b in the support package version 17.2.3.
Please upgrade your support package version to 17.2.3 in R2017b and perform the hardware setup for Parrot Rolling Spider once more.

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps mentioned in this MATLAB answer by Ankur Bose on 29 January 2018.


Ankur Bose

Hi Jakub Jaroszewski,
Can you please share your email-id through which I can contact you so that I can help you out with the problem you are facing?
Also can you take a look at the below MATLAB answer to see if your issue is resolved?


Update: After reinstalling the package I managed to get to the later point of installation with "Hardware Setup Error" - Java exepction occured.
Screenshot with full error report

I am having the same problems as Yanis Bouhraoua and Jeremie Pilon. I have managed to install firmware in the past on one of the drones I own, but now when I am trying to install firmware on different drone I get "Hardware Setup Error" every single time. Firmware on the old drone still works and whenever I run setup with old drone firmware is being recognized.

Can you tell me, when can we expect an update, since I am doing a project with specified deadline, which relies on firmware working.
I am using Windows 7, Matlab 2017b and newest version of support package I have also tried it on Linux with no success either.

I'm encountering the exact same problem as Jeremie Pilon. I tried several time to connect my PARROT Rolling Spider by bluetooth and it fails each time whith a unexpected error. I did my attempts after installing the firmware from the new version of this support package (

Ankur Bose

Hi Jeremie,
We have contacted Parrot Inc. for the firmware update failure in case of Rolling Spider and they have provided us a workaround for the issue. We will have an update soon for the support package in R2017b with the resolution.
If you do not wish to wait for the update, please let me know the platform (Windows, MAC or Linux ?) on which you are working with the support package and the MATLAB version and I will help you with the steps to update the firmware of the drone successfully.


Jeremie Pilon

Is it possible to have access to older version of the file? There is a problem with the installation of the firmware with the newest version on the parrot rolling spider. Please provide all previous version to help in the debugging. With a previous version, I was able to successfully install the firmware, but not connect via bluetooth. With the newest version, I can't install the firmware, but the bluetooth functions properly.

Hi Everyone,

The support for Parrot Mambo Minidrone is available with 17b version of support package. You can download and Please try and let us know your feedback.


Aditya (view profile)

I want to use this in the future for the Mambo (which I know is coming soon). It would be great if the example model was included as part of the hardware support package as well so that an aerospace blockset license is not required. The purpose of this package is to encourage experimentation by hobbyists and so providing the example project as part of that would be great.

Hi All,
You can have a look at the Post by Guy Rouleau on the topic "Programming a PARROT Minidrone using Simulink".
Here is the link to the post :

Hi All,
Now, You can download the latest version of the support package (17.2.1) for the 17b release of MATLAB.
Here are the updates:
- External mode over BLE.
- Updated Getting started example.
- Flight Control UI to be used once after downloading the Simulink generated code to drone
(Useful to Start,Stop the drone and also you can see options to set Power gain, Simulation time and buttons to retrieve the flight log and MAT file). (MATLAB Command to launch Flight Interface : Parrot_FlightInterface)

We are working on adding support for Parrot Mambo minidrone to the support package which will be available in January.

Tori Wuthrich

Hi Luís Mesquita,

The Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones is supported from MATLAB 2017a release on wards only. You can work with Rolling spider Minidrone only for 2017a version of support package. If you can upgrade the MATLAB, I recommend you to update to MATLAB R2017b release instead of 2017a. We are working on adding support for Parrot Mambo Minidrones in 2017b version of support package. Please stay tuned to this page if you are interested in the usage of Parrot Mambo. If you would like to work with rolling spider, the minimum version of MATLAB release is 2017a. Please let me know if you need any more information.

It doesn't work in my MATLAB 2016b. Any help? I am not able to install the Simulink Support Package for PARROT Minidrones.

17.2.0 version of support package (compatible with R2017b) is out with Getting started Example.
Here is the link for the example to get started with support package in 17b.

I have the exact same problem and I cannot set up the hardware.
Are there any updates on this issue?

OS, MATLAB: Windows 10 Education, MATLAB R2017a

Hi Ankur!

Thank you for response. The results of actions you suggested:
1. I connect drone to PC, one LED is RED, the other is GREEN
2. I see a drive "Parrot_RS (E:)" in "My computer"
3. I run commands:
o = matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwconnection.USBDeviceEnumerator
and "ans" variable is "0×0 empty cell array"
4. I type the command "wmic" in command prompt, then the "logicaldisk" command (without any error occure)
5. I see a list of my drives and one of them is my Rolling Spider:
Access : 0
Caption : E:
Compressed : FALSE
CreationClassName : Win32_LogicalDisk
Description : Removable Disk
DeviceID : E:
DriveType : 2
FileSystem : FAT32
FreeSpace : 33444864
MaximumComponentLength : 255
Name : E:
Size : 34063360
SupportsDiskQuotas : FALSE
SupportsFileBasedCompression : FALSE
SystemCreationClassName : Win32_ComputerSystem
SystemName : LAPTOP-6M4RG4CC
VolumeDirty : FALSE
VolumeName : Parrot_RS
VolumeSerialNumber : 10
6. I execute
o = matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwconnection.USBDeviceEnumerator
and "ans" variable is still "0×0 empty cell array"
7. I run "NET.isNETSupported" on MATLAB command window and the result is "logical 1"

What else can I do?

Ankur Bose

Hi Pavel,
When the Rolling Spider minidrone is connected to the PC over USB, there is a timeout period after which the drone automatically disconnects from PC. It disappears from the drive list also and you cannot see the drone mount point anymore. A simple way to know if your Rolling Spider is connected to PC is to check the LEDs. When the minidrone is connected to PC over USB, the LEDs blink for a moment and after that one LED stabilizes to GREEN and other to RED. When the timeout happens and the minidrone disconnects, the GREEN LED (or both the LEDs in some case) turns off. You cannot see the minidrone mount point in the Windows anymore . If that happens, reconnect the minidrone over USB, wait for the LEDs to stabilize to one GREEN and one RED and then search for drone in the setup application. The timeout period is typically observed to be around 60 seconds.
If you find that the minidrone is connected to PC but the setup application is still failing to detect the minidrone, please check the following things
1. Check if it is being shown in the Windows drive list and has a drive associated with it in "My Computer". Also run the below command in MATLAB and see if drone is listed in output.
o = matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwconnection.USBDeviceEnumerator

If drive is present in my computer and not in the result of o.getMountPoints, then the problem is with API.

1) First check is .NET is installed properly. Execute "NET.isNETSupported" on MATLAB command window.
2) Second check if WMI is enabled for the Windows machine. Type the command "wmic" in command prompt . This should not through any error. Once you are in wmic , try "logicaldisk" command.
Let us know your observations

Thank you, Jagadeesh.
By the way, how was you able to leverage with Support Package setup on Windowns machine?
Setup application don't see my Rolling Spider at all.
I realize that problem in a disability of MATLAB to find my drone as a mount point. When I run this commands with the drone connected:
usbDevices = matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwconnection.USBDeviceEnumerator;
the last one returns an empty cell array. BUT on Linux machine all is well. And even command "usbDevices.getAttachedDevices" in Windows show me my drone connected, "usbDevices.getMountPoints" returns empty result.
I even have tried to make mount point for drone myself in Windows (i.e. C:\MountPoints\RS) but with no success.
Have you been facing problems like that?

Hi Pavel,

We are working on supporting Mambo in the future release of this support package. We will let you know once we add support for the Mambo minidrone.
We used Cirolink® Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter (and CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack v. drivers) to test it on Windows7 and Windows 10. We have seen that all the bluetooth adapters are not having the PAN GN functionality. We will let you know once we find any solution for the adapters which are not having PAN GN functionality.

Thanks Ankur! It's quite confusing that submission has a Minidrone Mambo on cover image.

BTW did you test it in Windows 10?
I try but in Win 10 I'm not able to make GN connection via bluetooth and Hardware setup tool can't detect my Rolling Spider (even with the appropriate RNDIS driver for USB connection).

Ankur Bose

Hi Pavel,
In 17.1.0 version , only PARROT Rolling Spider is supported.

This is for Minidrone Mamboo only or RollingSpider is suitable too?


Update image. Added link to hardware catalog page.

Added note on Bluetooth limitation for Windows 7/10 users.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a)

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