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uibar: Colored bar indicator (like a waitbar) that can be placed in a figure.

version (17.3 KB) by Douglas Schwarz
Multi-purpose variable-length colored bar indicator.


Updated 11 Jul 2017

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This is a class that implements a colored bar indicator, very much like a waitbar, that you can embed in any figure. It mimics built-in MATLAB UI elements with the following properties and their default values:
BackgroundColor = [1 1 1]
BorderColor = [0 0 0]
CurrentMouseValue (Read-only)
Direction = 'east' or 'north' depending on Position and DirectionMode
DirectionMode = 'auto'
ForegroundColor = [1 0 0]
LineWidth = 0.5
Max = 1
Min = 0
Position = [20 20 200 15]
Units = 'pixels'
Value = 0
HitTest = 'on'
Selected = 'off'
SelectionHighlight = 'on'
Type = 'uibar' (Read-only)
Visible = 'on'
You change the length of the bar simply by setting the Value property of the instantiated object.
mybar = uibar;
mybar.Value = 0.5;

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Douglas Schwarz (2021). uibar: Colored bar indicator (like a waitbar) that can be placed in a figure. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Douglas Schwarz

Of course! A simple one is given in the description:
mybar = uibar;
mybar.Value = 0.5;
A little more complicated:
mybar = uibar('Position',[50 50 300 20],'Min',0,'Max',100,'ForegroundColor','g');
for i = 1:100
mybar.Value = i;


Dear Douglas Schwarz,

Could you give an example to use uibar.m?

Thank you very much!

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