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Dynamic Modelling of Three phase Induction Motor

version (30.9 KB) by sagar kumar dash
Mathematical modelling of I.M in stationary reference frame.


Updated 16 Jul 2017

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The mathematical model of an electric machine represents all the equations that describe the relationships between electromagnetic torque and the main electrical and mechanical quantities. The mathematical models with concentrated parameters are the most popular and consequently employed both in scientific literature and practice. The equations stand on resistances and inductances, which can be used further for defining magnetic fluxes,
electromagnetic torque.
% Parameters of a typical induction machine.
Rs=0.435; %Stator resistance
Rr=0.816; %Rotor resistance
Lls=0.002; %Stator inductance
Llr=0.002; %Rotor inductance
M=Lm; % Mutual inductance
P=4; %Number of Poles
J=0.089; %Inertia
B=0.01; %friction coefficient
Tl=0.5; %Load torque
Lss=0.0713; %Lss = Lls + Lm
Lrr=0.0713; %Lrr = Llr + Lm


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Athul Mohan

Why changing ploe does not change the speed output?


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m/c parameters


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