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SSA: Salp Swarm Algorithm

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SSA is a novel algorithm for solving single-objective optimization problems



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The main inspiration of SSA is the swarming behaviour of salps when navigating and foraging in oceans. Read this webpage to know more about the inspiration:

This is the source codes of the paper:

S. Mirjalili, A.H. Gandomi, S.Z. Mirjalili, S. Saremi, H. Faris, S.M. Mirjalili, Salp Swarm Algorithm: A bio-inspired optimizer for engineering design problems, Advances in Engineering Software, in-press, DOI:

If you have no access to the paper, please drop me an email at and I will send you the paper.

All of the source codes and extra information as well as more optimization techniques can be found in my personal website at

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How to add constraints in the code?

how do we enter equality constraints in the code?

I am working on other projects now.

Weimin Xiao

would you consider evaluating the SI with cec2013 or later benchmark functions?

Yes, it is a swarm intelligence technique

naidu talada

is this algorithm comes under the category of PSO?

Hossam Faris



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