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DC traction system, Electrical train model

version (459 KB) by Mahmoud Saleh
A DC traction system, 2 substations, with a train moving between 3 passenger stations were modeled


Updated 26 Jul 2017

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A DC traction system, powered by two substations, with a train moving between three passenger stations has been modeled. The topology of the substations is based on standard systems prevalent in several places, such as, New York City Transit. MATLAB versions from 2014 to 2017 were uploaded.

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Mahmoud Saleh (2021). DC traction system, Electrical train model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ming Li

Mahmoud Saleh

Dear Ahmed Fares, the explanation for the model is in the paper which I have mentioned in a note in the model.

ahmed fares

but i need explanation for this model

Mahmoud Saleh

For any one using Matlab 2016 and above the model will be working fine.
For Matlab 2015 and lower versions, you will get an error like that: "Invalid setting in masked block 'Train_Model_2015b/Braking Chopper' for parameter 'MaskEnables'
Here is the solution: Go to the library ---> look for block called "DTC Induction Motor Drive" ---> drag it in the model, then right click: mask --> look under the mask or just CTRL+U ---> take the braking chopper block and replace it with the chopper braking block in the model but make sure to copy all the values inside the old block in to the new one.

Let me know if there is any other problem, I knew about this one from Emails, thanks to Mohsen Zanganeh who pointed out the error and I fixed it.

Yusef Esa

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