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Updated 9 Aug 2017

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Save, go to, go back and retrieve folders identified by arbitrary label. The function helps if one works on multiple projects and needs to change folders quickly. It keeps a database of labels assigned to folders and can switch between them quickly. It can also go to folders of any m-file that is on the MATLAB search path.
Adds path and the corresponding label to the list of saved path. If the label already exists, it will be overwritten. The command automatically exchange the user home folder path to '~' for unix based systems.

Prints all label - path pairs to the MATLAB Command Window.


Changes the directory to the path based on the following rules in order of precedence:

- if the label is a valid path the command is equivalent to the MATLAB built-in cd command
- if the label is a matlab function, the new path is the folder of the function
- if the label exists in the go.db file, go to the corresponding folder If none of the above rules are fulfilled, gives a warning.
path = go(label) Returns the path that corresponds to the given label.

go clear

Clears the database.

go back

Goes back to the previous path from where go() was called last time. Can be only used to go back one level.

go label here

To abel to use the command without string notation and brackets, the here string is automaticelly replaced by the output of the pwd() function (current path). The labels are case sensitive. The list of label path pairs are saved into the text file $USERPATH/go.db. The function comes with a functionSignatures.json file that supports automatic substitution of labels and file names (similarly to the built-in cd command).

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Sandor Toth (2023). Go to mfiles, folders and labels (https://github.com/tsdev/go), GitHub. Retrieved .

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.