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Harris-Affine and Harris-Laplace Interest Point Detector

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Matlab implementation of Harris-Affine and Harris-Laplace interest point detectors


Updated 10 Oct 2017

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The function harris_affine is for detecting the affine invariant interest points in an image and the harris_laplace is for detecting the scale invariant interest points.
Read an image in a variable "img" and call the function as "affine_invariant_points = harrisaffine(img,scaleinvpts)" for affine invariant points and "scale_invariant_points = harrisLaplace(img)" for scale invariant points.
The other functions are supporting functions used in harrisaffine.m for making the code shorter.

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sadi (2020). Harris-Affine and Harris-Laplace Interest Point Detector (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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