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Clustering algorithm: CLA clustering

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The code of CLA clustering


Updated 02 Dec 2019

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The code of CLA clustering, from paper "Clustering by local gravitation",
Citation: Z. Wang et al., "Clustering by Local Gravitation," in IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, vol. 48, no. 5, pp. 1383-1396, May 2018.

For Chinese readers who visit this page from my dissertation: 我的毕业论文的知网CAJ格式中很多图表显示有问题, 可能的原因是知网的CAJ格式对矢量图的支持不好, 而我提交的pdf版本中的图片都是以矢量图为主的. 我的毕业论文的pdf和word版的下载地址是:
提取码: sx5f

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sorry i want to know how can i use it in image processing?


Hi - Thank you for the link to the supplementary file. Figure S6 is very interesting. In the supplement, it indicates that it contains: several demos (exp0Demo.m, exp2Demo.m, exp3Demo.m, exp2SyntheticDataset.mat, exp3RealWorldDataset.mat, etc); however, I could not locate them within the pdf itself. Can you let me know if they are embedded there, or if they are not included, could you make them available as well.


The supplementary material of the paper Clustering by Local Gravitation:


Hi - I enjoyed your paper, but have not located the supplementary material. I contacted the IEEE who informed me that those materials had not been received by them. If you will be posting them eventually, could you let me know where to find them?


I am very pleased with the speed and quality of your algorithm. Your software is easy to use, and produces very good clusters on my benchmark data sets with your default settings. I look forward to reading your paper, which I found online at


Update Paper Download Links

我的毕业论文的知网CAJ格式中很多图表显示有问题, 可能的原因是知网的CAJ格式对矢量图的支持不好, 而我提交的pdf版本中的图片都是以矢量图为主的. 我的毕业论文的pdf和word版的下载地址是:

Update the citation.

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CLA (Clustering by Local Gravitation)