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ebpatch(x, y, er, col, alp)

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Making patch plot with simple interface

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Making patch plot with simple interface
Inspired by
boundedline.m (

x = rand(512*2,1);
y = 4*x + randn(size(x));
y2 = 1*x + randn(size(x));

[yv, ev, ~] = xbinavg(x, y, 0:.05:1, 0);
[yv2, ev2, xv] = xbinavg(x, y2, 0:.05:1, 0);
scatter(x,y, '.r', 'MarkerFaceAlpha', .2, 'MarkerEdgeAlpha', .5); hold on;
scatter(x,y2, '.b', 'MarkerFaceAlpha', .2, 'MarkerEdgeAlpha', .5);

clear ph lh
[ph(1), lh(1)] = ebpatch(xv, yv, ev, 'r');
[ph(2), lh(2)] = ebpatch(xv, yv2, ev2, 'b');

% - modify design
set(lh, 'LineWidth', 2)
set(ph, 'FaceAlpha', .2)

using xbinavg.m (

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Haibo (view profile)

Hi Ryosuke, thanks! it solves my question the boundedline could not do.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: boundedline.m

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