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Fundamentals of Numerical Computation

version (173 MB) by Toby Driscoll
Codes and other resources for the textbook Fundamentals of Numerical Computation.


Updated 25 May 2018

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This repo has extra materials for Fundamentals of Numerical Computation, by Driscoll and Braun (1st edition, 2017), an introductory undergraduate textbook. Includes all functions and code examples from the book, data needed for a few exercises, ideas for labs and projects, and slides for aid with teaching.
Book contents:

* Chapter 1: Numbers, problems, and algorithms
* Chapter 2: Square linear systems
* Chapter 3: Overdetermined linear systems
* Chapter 4: Roots of nonlinear equations
* Chapter 5: Piecewise interpolation
* Chapter 6: Initial-value problems
* Chapter 7: Matrix analysis
* Chapter 8: Krylov methods in linear algebra
* Chapter 9: Global function approximation
* Chapter 10: Boundary-value problems
* Chapter 11: Diffusion equations
* Chapter 12: Advection equations
* Chapter 13: Two-dimensional problems

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Slight update to the description.

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