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MATLAB Blockchain Example

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A MATLAB app that implements a distributed blockchain.



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This example shows a blockchain implementation in MATLAB. Several nodes can be run to distribute the blockchain and blocks can be mined or blocks with invalid hashes can be added for test. Although the current implementation requires parallel computing toolbox it can easily be changed to run without it.
Note that the app is made for 2018a pre-release.

Comments and Ratings (11)

Roger Aarenstrup

In the doc folder you have a file: sbs.txt (step-by-step)

well done, but can you provide us steps to run the program. Thanks.

Roger Aarenstrup

Yes, the code use TCIP/IP calls from instrument control toolbox.

Sean HY Yuan

Hi, do we have to install instrument control toolbox? why would you need it?

Roger Aarenstrup

Did you change the ports to match? Did you read the instructions?

i tried running multiple instances of this app on the same machine and tried adding it possible? doesnt seem to work..may be im missing something here...

Roger Aarenstrup

You need to start more matlab instances and from each a client. You could probably also use matlab compiler to deploy clients.

great work..but how to add clients..just not able to make that work..

Hans Scharler



Updates to copyright text and what MATLAB release is supported

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 9.3 (R2017b)

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