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Matlab Project File

version 1.0 (29.1 KB) by Dmitry Ratner
Save folder structure in a file, select run file, run selected file regardless to editing file.


Updated 06 Feb 2018

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What is it for?
I like to logically separate my files into several folders (f.e. model, gui, etc.), so for each my project I have specific folder structure. Each time I am opening Matlab I have to add all of my folders to the paths. I don't want to make it permanently, because I have several projects with different project structure. So I have my main folder, and foldes under it. This toolbox can store my folder structure in a file, and automatically add my folders to the path using this project file.

To save current filder structure use: MpfCommands('save'); (or shortcut)
To load folder structure from file use: MpfCommands('load'); (or shortcut)

When I am clicking Run on editor tab, matlab tryes to run current editting file,
so when I am debugging my main file (f.e. gui) I shold after anu change of subfunctions switch to my main file. To make it easier for me I need to a way to select running file (like startup project in VS), and command to run it.

To select run file use: MpfCommands('selectstartup'); (or shortcut)
To run selected file use: MpfCommands('run'); (or shortcut)


To install shortcuts and quick access buttons use: MpfCommands('install');
To uninstall shortcuts and quick access buttons use: MpfCommands('uninstall');

If it will no work, you can make shortcuts manually.

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you do have quite a few typos though

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