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Updated 15 Mar 2018

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This function generates a nice looking boxplot graph.

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Fabricio Castro (2020). boxPlots (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Does not work for smaller dataset.
- for i=1:Sets
- fLabel=[fLabel,[featureLabels(i),featureLabels(i),featureLabels(i)]];
- end

+ for i=1:nFeaturesL
+ fLbl(1:Sets) = featureLabels(i);
+ fLabel=[fLabel,[fLbl]];
+ end


Here is the data for 4 data sets instead of all 15. Can you please help me to run your code on it, to plot the boxplots (3 vertical bars), for 4 data feature/datasets.?

Because when i run the code it also plots the values hogher than 100 on y-axis, which isn't true.

I get an error but I want to plot three datasets each with dim (144x72);

Cai Jie Cai

If some bug raise please leave a comment bellow and you will be reported as soon as possible.

Enliang Guo

Undefined function or variable 'convertColorRange'.

Error in boxPlots (line 103)


a bit of bugs

xlabel bug fixed.

Missed convertColorRange function added to the boxPlots function bottom.

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