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Kinect Color Guided Robot (UPV)

version (2.37 MB) by Andreu Gimenez
Color tracking guided robot with GUI (download the remaining files from .txt Drive link)


Updated 02 May 2018

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This is a project we developed in a UPV class, the hole project was developed with Alberto Fernández Parra and Ivan Miralles Irles, I was primarly in charge of the software part.
What it does is basically use a Color Based Tracking (with any color) to guide a robot (a little car) towards a destination. This is integrated with a GUI that allows you to select the colors to track from the robot and from the destination. Documentation is a mess, I'm sorry, but I didn't found any file that allows color tracking with any color, I just found methods to track red, green and blue by decomposing RGB image matrix.
I tried to do tracking by SURF features but it didn't worked as well as I expected, anyways the functions for that method are still in the code. Also I uploaded the report of the project but it is in spanish. If you are reading this because of the color tracking I recomend opening the "RobotBuscaObjetosKinect.m", collapse all functions, and search for the "detectObjectColor" and "trackObjectColor" functions. Code is long because there is a lot of GUI stuff. In the text file there is a link for a Drive folder with a demostration video and test videos recorded with the Kinect that can be used with the GUI to test how it works if you don't have a Kinect. Probably the script doesn't work if you don't have them.

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