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QUASAR ASL model-free processing pipeline

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Cerebral perfusion quantification using model-free QUASAR ASL

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QUASAR ASL is a multi post labeling delay perfusion imaging technique whereby the acquisition consists of pairs or controlled and labeled crushed, non-crushed and low flip angle acquisitions.
Slight movement during the acquisition might impact greatly the quantification procedure. In this pipeline part of the pre-processing steps is a rigid registration and rejection of pairs of acquisitions demonstrating excessive motion.
AIFs are assigned to every voxel using local AIF weighting (weights based on the distance of the voxel from the AIF).
oSVD deconvolution is used for the determination of the residue function.

In order for the code to work as intended you need to supply QUASAR and 3D T1-weighted high resolution PAR/REC files since partial volume correction utilises the method by Asllani et al. 2008.
Bias field correction and masking for the T1-weighted acquisition are not part of the pipeline and a mask needs to be supplied. The assumption is that the T1 image has been acquired in the sagittal plane.
For the segmentation of the T1 image spatial fuzzy c-means clustering is used.

The pipeline is based on:

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