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animate single or multi-unit cars (or tractor / trucks - trailer)


Updated 13 Jun 2018

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This toolbox provides several functions and *.m-files to animate single or multi-unit car (or tractor / trucks - trailer) combinations with given trajectories of their center of gravity movements.
Exemplary usage:
% Installation: add the toolbox-functions to the MATLAB search paths
% Create new CarAnim-Struct
carAnim = newCarAnim('name','CarAnim_Test');
% Create an Animation-Window
carAnim = createAnimWindow(carAnim);
% New Car-unit: Tractor
[carAnim id1] = newCarUnit(carAnim);

(... Calc Simulation Results --> trajectories ...)

for idxPlot=1:length(psi_1)
% Update position (Trafo etc.) and draw it
carAnim = updateCarUnitStruct(carAnim,id1,'r_cg',r_1(:,idxPlot), ...
% Redraw object

pause(0.05) % show the user the current figure

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