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Basic 4D Image Handling Tools

version 1.1 (29.1 KB) by DGM
Basic tools for importing, viewing, and operating on 4D image stacks


Updated 23 Jul 2018

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These tools are merely a subset of the Matlab Image Manipulation Toolbox (FEX)
I simply felt these tools were likely to have utility independent of the need or desire for the other tools in the MIMT.

Most of these tools focus on I/IA/RGB/RGBA images.
Most of these functions do not require the Image Processing Toolbox (see DEPENDENCIES.txt)

This archive includes:

Load an arbitrary selection of image files into a cell array for further processing.
Input files do not need to be of same filetype, geometry, or datatype.

Build a 4-D image array from a cell array of images.
Images do not need to be of same geometry or datatype;
they may also differ in the number of channels (including transparency).
Single-frame and multiframe images can be mixed.

This is a convenience tool to serve as a replacement for IMSHOW.
- Will automatically apply a checkerboard matting to images
with alpha (IA or RGBA)
- Makes use of full axes extents when zooming in on images
- Default behavior uses tight margins for space efficiency.
- Uses akZoom to provide convenient mouse panning and zooming.
- Can optionally invert the displayed image. This is mostly
only useful if using an inverted display.
- When using 'tools' option, 4D image controls are available
and visibility of individual channels can be toggled as needed.
Indication of NaN or out-of-gamut pixels can be enabled.
Additional image information is displayed for convenience.

Convenience tool for applying IPT tools such as IMRESIZE to 4D arrays

Read & write multiframe GIF files with correct handling of local color tables and support for transparency.
Supports both indexed and RGB images, and can handle multiple methods of transparency specification.

Also included are support functions IMCAST and IMRANGE

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