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boxPlot3D Create three-dimensional boxplots

Create 3D Boxplots to display distributions with more than one grouping parameter


Updated 11 Jul 2018

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Create three-dimensional boxplots in Matlab, data can be arranged in columns and levels in a single 3D Matrix or a single column and two grouping parameters. See description in GitHub for a tutorial.

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Hello, I tried with the following code to have data with same dimensions and it worked well:

>> xx=randn(365,9,168)+repmat((permute(rr'+cc'/80,[3 1 2])),[365,1,1]);
>> boxPlot3D(xx)

Now, the easiest way to plot with [0 1] would be to change the line 43 from

quantDistribution = [0 0.25 0.50 0.75 1 ];


quantDistribution = [0 1 ];

Give it a try, and if does not work let me know and will check the code.


Hi Carlos,
Great tool thank you. I have a quick question. My 3d array is 365x9x168.
When I want to limit a display only on [0 1] I get an error.
Do you know how I can present my data so I get only some quantiles and without the outliers display?

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Compatible with any release
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