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Chassis Slip Angle From Drone Footage

version 1.0.1 (2.68 KB) by Matthew Lane
Calculates the slip angle of the chassis of Monash Motorsport's M17-E (an electric Formula Student car) while driving around a skidpad.


Updated 23 Aug 2018

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This script calculates the chassis slip angle of Monash Motorsport's M17-E by first colour thresholding the video so that only the white vinyl of the car is present in the video. This vinyl is conveniently placed such that it creates four straight lines in the direction the car is facing. A Hough transform was then used to find these lines, which were used to calculate the angle the car was facing. Comparing this angle to the direction the car was travelling gives the chassis slip angle. The resulting data was very noisy and thus heavily filtered. The filtered result agreed with data from other sensors (the asymmetry of the car in cornering), and provided useful information. A video of this can be found here

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Matthew Lane (2020). Chassis Slip Angle From Drone Footage (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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