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version 1.5 (107 KB) by natalyt96
This application is designed to convolve two signals imported from the system and listen to the reverberation of the auditorium.


Updated 09 Dec 2018

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A result and a response to the recorded impulse of an audience or theater are imported to convolve the signals and hear the reverberation at that measurement point.

In addition, you can see the graph of the signals in stereo.

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natalyt96 (2020). MIvonne_Thesis_MatlabComponent (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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- Normalisation
- Allow short audios
- Allow long audios for convolution while exporting


- You can now import audios with less than 15 seconds long.
- Try the new option to export your files with the complete reverberation tail.


- Solved the problem with the folder's file.
- Added the impulses of each hall auditorium.


Fixed the mix botton and optimization of the convolution code.


Includes graphics of each audio or signal. The audios are also normalized to 0 dBFS.

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with R2018a
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