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Least-Recently Used (LRU) Cache

version 1.0.0 (3.36 KB) by Richard Lange
A map-like container of (key, value) pairs that automatically enforces a maximum size by deleting oldest keys when new ones are added.


Updated 17 Sep 2018

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This package provides a Matlab implementation of a LRU cache. An LRU cache is a container of (key, value) pairs with some upper limit on size. Whenever a new element is added that would go over this limit, the least-recently-used item is discarded. This implementation allows for a limit either on the total number of items and/or on the total memory usage in bytes. This makes it a useful tool for caching results in memory while keeping the size of the cache under a pre-specified limit, for example.

The file `LRU.m` contains the class definition for the cache. `DLL.m` contains a simple doubly-linked list, which is needed inside of `LRU`. `testLRUCache.m` contains three simple test cases that also serve as examples.

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Richard Lange (2020). Least-Recently Used (LRU) Cache (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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