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Mastermind 7

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A game of logic and thinking.


Updated 18 Feb 2005

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The computer generates 4 out of 7 colors randomly. The user has to find what 4 colors were picked by clues and guesses. Since the computer generates the 4 colors, it is possible for the computer to pick two, three, or four of the same colors

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Michal Dobrzynski

Hmmm... the game is sometimes cheating:(

Nick Cheilakos

I have the same problem.

Jesus Emantsal

I found a impossible combination too.
I need two yellow, one white, one black and one blue to complete my sequence.

Joe Lastname

I agree with Thomas, 3 black and 1 white is impossible. Also, it is annoying to have to click through all the colors, maybe a dropdown menu or something.

Thomas Lastname

How can I have 4 right colors and three of them at the right position? Perhaps I do not understand the rules, but in my opinion 3 black pegs and 1 white peg should be an impossible combination.

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