Web Application from MATLAB through .Net Assembly

Web Application (MATLAB > Compiler SDK > Visual Studio)
Updated 19 Nov 2018

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Overview :

In this example, It demonstrates how to build web application in Visual Studio from MATLAB through .net assembly. As per my knowledge, there are 3 ways to build web application from MATLAB :
i) MATLAB Web App Server
ii) MATLAB Compiler SDK (.net, python, java)
iii) MATLAB Production Server
Here, I will not explain pros and cons of different ways to build web application. However, I'm strongly encourage you to explore them to identify which way is the best fit to your need.
The biggest challenge is data type conversion between MATLAB and .Net Assembly. It will be explained in my next script. Other than this, the server does not need a copy of MATLAB license, instead of that, you need to install the specific MATLAB runtime version in your server. MATLAB runtime is free. MATLAB Runtime download link
[This example requires you to run it section by section.]

Highlights :

Familiar with compilation of MATLAB function to .net assembly
Understand the basic of the conversion of data type between .net and MATLAB
How to use compiled .dll (from MATLAB) in Visual Studio
Configuration required to build Web application in Visual Studio/Server for MATLAB .net assembly

Product Focus :
Third-party Software required :
Visual Studio (This example uses Visual Studio 2017)

Written at 11 November 2018

In my next example, it explains data conversion between MATLAB and .NET.

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