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Penrose Rhombus Tiling

version 1.0.1 (1.28 MB) by Steve Eddins
MATLAB functions for Penrose tiling


Updated 02 Dec 2019

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Functions for computing and visualizing a particular type of Penrose tiling. Penrose tilings are non-periodic and self-similar. The particular tiling, called P3, is constructed from a pair of rhombuses, a thin one and a thick one.

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Steve Eddins (2021). Penrose Rhombus Tiling (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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orlandik martin

Touch of class Steve

Najmul Abid

Wow, thank you. it is well explained!
Any idea where I can get for P1 and P2 as well?

Oleg Rubel

It was very useful. Many thanks for the clear and informative documentation!

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with R2018a and later releases
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Windows macOS Linux
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