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Average Stress vs. Strain plot.

version 1.0.0 (2.13 KB) by Harpreet
The code was prepared to make an average plot of load vs. displacement (stress vs. strain) obtained from tensile test of various samples.


Updated 04 Dec 2018

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The purpose of this code is to sort different Y-data points corresponding to common X-data points between different data-sets.
This code was prepared to sort random data obtained from a Universal Testing Machine (UTM).
The code collects force (Y-coordinate) corresponding to common displacements (X-coordinate) from different data-sets obatined from repeated testing of similar type of samples.

This script will work on an EXCEL sheet containing NO-EMPTY-COLUMN between different data sets.
Arrange data as: Y-coordinate (first column) then X-coordinate in next column. Subsequently, put next set of Y and then X data in the same Excel sheet without leaving any blank column.

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Harpreet (2021). Average Stress vs. Strain plot. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Kurt J. Haunreiter

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