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Tschebyscheff interpolation.

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Updated 14 Nov 2005

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Tschebyscheff and Equi-interval method for interpolation program.

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Vassili Pastushenko

I join Greg: this here is an example of antiMatlab in the sense of vectorization which is missing almost everywhere.

I join Duane: because the first command in this SCRIPT deletes all your variables, the script can have only some illustrative meaning, but is completely useless as a tool which every user would expect to find.

Finally, the example of Cauchy pdf is very specific, and any comparison of interpolation accuracy and speed with standard methods is missing (e.g. interp1(...,'spline')).

Should be completely revised.

Greg von Winckel

You can do this in one line of code

Now just sample your function at N+1 Chebyhev points, store as a column vector and multiply by the rectangular matrix L.

Matlab User

I was looking for an example to improove my theory. It's exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you!!

Duane Hanselman

This is not a function. It is a simple example and nothing more. It has no value except as a demonstrative example.

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