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VERBOSITY control the verbosity level of output messages


Updated 06 Dec 2018

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VERBOSITY control the verbosity level of output messages

Set the current verbosity level with e.g.:


Get the current verbosity level:

level = verbosity; % return the verbosity level (number)

Output a message when it is allowed by the current verbosity level:

verbosity('normal', 'message')
verbosity('verbose', 'message %g %s', arg1, arg2)
verbosity(2, 'message %g %s', arg1, arg2) % same as 'info'

Verbosity levels:

0 error (no message except errors)
1 warning (important messages not being errors)
2 info (normal messages)
3 verbose (messages for e.g. debugging)

(c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: BSD.

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Inspired by: Log Output Verbosity Control