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version 1.0.1 (485 KB) by Laurent NEVOU
Optical Tranfer Matrix Solver


Updated 08 Jan 2019

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This program is computing the reflexion and transmission of a multi layer structure using the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM). It allows to get the field distribution inside the structure.
Three structures are proposed:
-> Bragg mirror
-> Fabry-Perot cavity
-> VCSEL structure

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Laurent NEVOU (2019). Light_WaveTransmission1D (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Alright, thanks. Will look it up.

not sure...
May be check "The Abeles matrix method"

It appears this algorithm is purely matrix approach and does not make use of the fresnel reflection/transmission coefficient, or can this somehow be incorporated through the incident boundary condition? I ask this because, I want to determine angular dependence as well as the polarization (TE/TM). Thanks in advance.

Igor A. Sukhoivanov and Igor V. Guryev
Photonic Cristals: Physical and Practical Modeling
Chap3: Fundamentals of Computation of Photonic Crystal Characteristics

Hi Laurent,
Thank you for this resource. Apart from the wike link you provided up there, is there any other resources you followed in developing this algorithm? The code does not have enough comment on it and so it makes it difficult to adapt it for ones needs. Could you please give me any other resources you used in developing this?



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