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Robust Empirical Mode Decomposition (REMD)

version (5.56 KB) by Liu Zhiliang
A useful adaptive signal processing tool for multi-component signal separation, non-stationary signal processing.


Updated 09 Aug 2020

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The REMD is an improved empirical mode decomposition powered by soft sifting stopping criterion (SSSC). The SSSC is an adaptive sifting stop criterion to stop the sifting process automatically for the EMD. It extracts a set of mono-component signals (called intrinsic mode functions) from a mixed signal. It can be used together with Hilbert transform (or other demodulation techniques) for time-frequency analysis.

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Dandan Peng, Zhiliang Liu, Yaqiang Jin, Yong Qin. Improved EMD with a Soft Sifting Stopping Criterion and Its Application to Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery. Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 55 (10): 122-132, 2019.

Zhiliang Liu, Yaqiang Jin, Ming J. Zuo, and Zhipeng Feng. Time-frequency representation based on robust local mean decomposition for multi-component AM-FM signal analysis. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 95: 468-487, 2017.

Liu Zhiliang (2021). Robust Empirical Mode Decomposition (REMD) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

yunfei ling

Hartmut Aumann

The sample program produces the right output. Run in Octave v5.2

Valeri Disko

poopu asg

it can be run. Not enough input arguments.


Hafsa Arif

getting error
Not enough input arguments.

Error in emd_sssc (line 60)
[imf,ort,fvs,iterNum] = emd_sssc(subject,fs,'display',1);
anyone can help?

Xiaolong Cui

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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