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Web Scraping and Mining Scientific Conference Data in MATLAB

version 1.0.0 (440 KB) by Toshiaki Takeuchi
Let's learn how to mine data from the web with MATLAB-based web scraping tools, with NeurIPS machine learning conference paper examples.


Updated 28 Jan 2019

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A lot of information is shared on the web and a lot of people are interested in taking advantage of it. It can be used to enrich the existing data, for example. However, information is buries in HTML tags and it is not easy to extract useful information. Let's use MATLAB for web scraping to harvest useful data from the web.

NeurIPS (which stands for "Neural Information Processing Systems", and previously known as NIPS) is an annual conference on machine learning and computational neuroscience, and papers presented there reveals what experts in the field are working on.

Let's apply web scraping to mine data from the NeurIPS conference papers.

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