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Automated Driving Scenario Simulation Reference Example

version 1.0.1 (1.82 MB) by Vamsi K
Agent based simulation framework to validate planners in automated driving synthetic scenarios. The example demonstrates overtake maneuver.


Updated 21 Feb 2019

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Overtake maneuver strategy allows a smart vehicle (an independent agent), to safely overtake the vehicles ahead of it by taking decisions based on the belief/knowledge it has about its environment.

This demo showcases a Simulink model architecture for creating and simulating synthetic scenarios. It reads as input the scenario file saved using the Driving Scenario Designer (DSD) application. This architecture allows creation of synthetic scenarios, by:
* Marking an actor in the scenario as an autonomous smart actor.
* Installing car-following (driver) model on some of the actors.
* Introducing rogue actors (actors devoid of any intelligence) in the scenario.

Driving scenario designer (DSD) application is part of Automated Driving System Toolbox (ADST).

Configuration parameters can be set for individual actors to observe the variations in the behavior. The plan algorithm in the smart actor supports overtake maneuver on straight road.

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Vamsi K (2021). Automated Driving Scenario Simulation Reference Example (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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