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Combine two color maps to highlight significant values in image


Updated 01 Mar 2019

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function cmap = combineColormaps(low, high, cutoff)
% Creates a new colormap by combining two colormaps. Low and high specificy
% the minimum and maximum of your data (clim) and cutoff the value at which
% to switch to the other colormap
% Example:
% [X,Y] = meshgrid(-10:0.1:10,-10:0.1:10);
% f = sinc(sqrt((X/pi).^2+(Y/pi).^2));
% clim = [min(f(:)),max(f(:))];
% imagesc(f,clim)
% cmap = combineColormaps(clim(1), clim(2), 0.2);
% colormap(cmap)
% colorbar

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TjeerdB (2022). combineColormaps (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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