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version 1.0.0 (4.85 KB) by Nathan Ellingson
Converts KML or KMZ files to a Matlab structure.


Updated 04 Jun 2020

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This function will convert kml and kmz files to a matlab structure. If converting a kmz file it will extract it to a directory called '.kml2struct' in your home directory. This directory will be deleted when the function exits.

The output of this function should be similar to 'shaperead' except that it will add another field, "Folder", for the kml folder where the shape was file.

This function will only handle kml/kmz files with Point, LineString, and Polygon geometries. If you try to run this on a kml/kmz with different elements those elements will be omitted from the result

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Nathan Ellingson (2021). kmz2struct (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

Stewart Evans

Worked well. It would be great if it could also support Track type <gx:Track>, result from GPX file import to Google Earth.

Sandra Preaux

This works well, but requires poly2cww.m from the Mapping toolbox. If you don't have the Mapping Toolbox, it works fine if you remove this and substitute the following for line 130


Just remember to be careful with the result as it may not be in counter clockwise order.

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Created with R2018b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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