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6DoF Vehicle Model in Simulink

version 1.2 (79.6 KB) by Srivatsan Srinivasan
A 6 DOF model for yaw studies. Discrete time model with euler forward integration. Can be compiled intro RT code.


Updated 30 Mar 2019

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The simulink file contains a working 6 degree of freedom vehicle model for yaw stability studies. You can switch between asphalt and snow road conditions. Please go through ReadMe file. Unfortunately, I cannot share vehicle data. That part you're going to have to get on your own. You can find vehicle data if follow the trail of references in the below paper.

Model built using equations in:

Berntorp, K., Olofsson, B., Lundahl, K., & Nielsen, L. (2014).
Models and methodology for optimal trajectory generation in safety-critical road-vehicle manoeuvres.
Vehicle System Dynamics, 52(10), 1304–1332.

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Srivatsan Srinivasan (2019). 6DoF Vehicle Model in Simulink (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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@EL Mehdi Naor

This is the version for Matlab 2018a. If you want it for 2017, you can simply copy and paste in a new simulink model in 2017 and it should still work. None of the blocks are 2018 specific.

Hallo Sir Can u Please upload the version for Matlab r2017 or r2018

Hi all. Please leave ratings if this model helped you. For any doubts contact me at



Fixed mistakes in the model.


Changed description

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