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Deep Learning Toolbox

version 1.1 (3.97 KB) by Jingwei Too
This toolbox offers convolution neural networks (CNN) using k-fold cross-validation, which are simple and easy to implement.


Updated 20 Dec 2020

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Jx-DLT : Deep Learning Toolbox

* This toolbox contains the convolution neural network (CNN)

* The < Main.m file > shows examples of how to use CNN programs with the benchmark data set. Note we demo the CNN using one to three convolution layers setup.

* Detail of this toolbox can be found at


Cite As

Too, Jingwei, et al. “Featureless EMG Pattern Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Network.” Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, vol. 14, no. 3, Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, June 2019, p. 1291, doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v14.i3.pp1291-1297.

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Dear Dr Too, I ran main.m, and it finished. But when I tried to pass one 28x28 B&W number"8" iamge, and used ypred=predict(CNN,d), it has error. Could you tell me how to check?

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