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version 1.2.0 (48.7 KB) by Fernando Diaz-del-Rio
MATLAB version plus C++ YACCLAB-compliant implementation of CCL (paper “Parallel Connected-Component-Labeling based on Homotopical Trees")


Updated 16 Jun 2019

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This ZIP file contains a MATLAB version (see readme.doc) and a C++ YACCLAB-compliant ( implementation of the CCL (Connected Components Labeling of a binary digital image) according to the paper entitled “Parallel Connected-Component-Labeling based on Homotopical Trees” by Fernando Diaz-del-Rio, Pablo Sanchez-Cuevas (Department of Computer Architecture and Technology. University of Seville. Spain.), Helena Molina-Abril, Pedro Real (Department of Applied Mathematics I. University of Seville. Spain.).
This paper was submitted to the Journal “Pattern Recognition Letters” (journal homepage:
Questions about the implementation must be addressed to (F. Diaz-del-Rio).

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Fernando Diaz-del-Rio (2019). labeling_HT_CCL (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Fixed a bug in init_borders() when running 3,5 or 7 threads


added a MATLAB version (see readme.doc)

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