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Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection

version 1.0.7 (58.4 KB) by Jingwei Too
Application of ant colony optimization (ACO) for feature selection problems.


Updated 30 Jul 2020

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This toolbox offers ant colony optimization (ACO) method

The "Main" script illustrates the example of how ACO can solve the feature selection problem using benchmark data-set.


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Jingwei Too (2020). Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jingwei Too

Dear Dominix,
I have tested the code and it should have no issue. The issue might because of your data. You need to make your sure your feature vector and labels are in the same format as feat and label of the benchmark dataset.


Thanks for the helpful code. Can I ask about the reason of this error: Error in jACO>jRouletteWheelSelection (line 94)

Output argument "Route" (and maybe others) not assigned
during call to "jACO>jRouletteWheelSelection".

Error in jACO (line 57)

Error in loadMatDataFolder (line 35)

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
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Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection