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Refit any data sat that contains categorical features into a complete numerical data set through appropriate mapping


Updated 06 Sep 2019

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Suppose you have a data set of this form :

1st column entries: 1,2,3,55,6......
2nd column entries: "good","bad","fair"......

You want to use it to train a mathematical model that needs the data to be in numerical form, to do so follow the following:
1- Import the data as a STRING array.
2- Call FitDataSet and your imported dataset (as a string array) as its argument.

The output array would be as follow:
1st column:won't be changed since it's numerical.
2nd column:( let's say we have four different categories values for this feature) then the output for the 2nd column will be:2,3,4,1,1,2........

Note* No different categorical values under a specific feature will have the same mapping value, for example, let's take the feature "Country" with three different values:{US, UK, GR}, then no one of these values would result in the same numerical mapping.

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