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N Dimensional Cardinal Spline (Catmull-Rom) Spline Interpolation

version (229 KB) by Dr. Murtaza Khan
N -Dimensional cubic Cardinal spline (Catmull-Rom) Interpolation


Updated 08 Oct 2012

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Cardinal(Catmull-Rom) Spline Interpolation for given four control points using uniform parameterization. Each control point can be N-Dimensional Euclidean space.
A Simple Test program (main.m) is also given to perform 1D, 2D, 3D Cardinal Spline interpolation of given data with Tension=0 (Catmull-Rom)

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Di Wu

very helpful, hahahha

kobra kordi

hello,I'm student of geodesy.
I want interpolate 3-D data of levelling but don't know about interpolation of irregular data. please help me!?

Sven Mensing

Very helpfull function, thank you very much.

kishore kunal

that is really great which shows cardinal interpolation in MATLAB


better code and explanation

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The file oremanycif12frm.mat was mistakenly added in the archive. It is not needed therefore in the updated archive it is not included.

updated version


to make compitable with previous version of matlab

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