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Animated PNG (APNG) Writer

version 1.0.2 (9.05 KB) by Steve Eddins
Create APNG (animated PNG) files

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Updated 18 Dec 2019

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The MATLAB class animatedPNGWriter is for creating animated PNG (APNG) files. Such files have similar applications as animated GIF files, but with typically higher quality and often smaller file sizes. Most web browsers support animated PNG files the same way they support animated GIF files.

The class animatedPNGWriter requires the utility program "APNG Assembler" from, which is available under separate license terms. When you use animatedPNGWriter the first time, it will attempt to automatically download this utility program if it does not already exist in the expected location.

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Steve Eddins (2021). Animated PNG (APNG) Writer (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Greg Pittam

Hi Steve, this is a great tool for exporting figure annimations. Many thanks for sharing.

I was wondering if you could help with a couple of things?
The frame rate always seems to end up being 10fps, no matter what I set it to. Any ideas why?
It's very slow for my animation, once it's collected all the frames it takes about half an hour to write the png. Do you know if there are any settings I can use to speed this up? Multithreading for example?

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